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    Doebotz “DoeSace” Hoody (Blk/Wht)

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    Who remembers the black ensemble Elizabeth Hurley wore in 94'? It was so fly they permanently renamed it "that dress". Or better yet, I'm sure we all remember J-Lo in that green work of art at the 2000 Grammys. Both were designed by the Versace brand and deservedly regarded as the most iconic dresses of all time. A true master at his craft, Gianni has inspired designers in every market with his brilliance. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With all due respect, the Doebotz brand hopes you're flattered Sir.

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    Doebotz “Block” Hoody (Blk/Wht)

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    DBTZ... Just a chip off the old block. This abbreviated version of Doebotz, using block style lettering, is short on letters but still full of character. A simple, yet bold design. Made for the individuals who express powerful messages using only a few words!

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    Doebotz “City of Angelz” L/S Tee

    From: $36 $20
    Son, brother, political activist, actor, dancer, poet, musician, LEGEND! Who better to embody the pure definition of Doebotz than Pac. From sunrise to sunset, this historical, cultural, mastermind’s life has been covered inside and out. There is nothing new that I can write to enlighten our supportez or readerz on the prolific contributions this artistic genius bestowed upon our culture. So with that I’ll say, "It was an honor to have been alive during your reign, your brand will forever remain timeless, and embedded in the fabric of Doebotz.

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    Doebotz “B.I.G City of Dreamz” L/S Tee

    From: $36 $20
    The critics may say otherwise, but true hip-hop historianz all know the truth, you are the creator of rap metaphors, and father to the bling era. You single handedly changed the game with your ‘style and grace.’ You didn’t just tell us storiez with your music, you challenged our mindz on a higher level. Your advice to “only make movez when your heart is in it, and live the phrase sky’z the limit” is a Doebotz mantra. We’ll alwayz luv Big Poppa!

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