Monthly Archives: December 2009

Lego Matrix – Trinity Help – by Emily Chang

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR4xDeiHrfA Just in time for the 10th year anniversary, "Trinity Help"  is frame-accurate stop frame animation of the famous bullet-dodge scene from the 1999 movie The Matrix, all done in […]

Coca-Cola’s making steps towards “GOING GREEN”? Nice!

Designer Harc Lee has created a “naked” Coca Cola can that forfeits Coke’s typical bold red and white stripes, and stands to gres in favor of au naturale silver. The aluminum can is […]

Street Art… Thought this fit Doebotz’ perfectly! Unplug Yourself!

New concept idea for an MP3 player – Melody Balloon – My Mp3 player can fly, REALLY IT CAN!

Have you ever wanted to walk the streets of your city or enter an establishment with all eye's on you with your own theme music playing in the background for […]

Tiger Woods attacked & beaten by wife… Brutal Picture!!! lol

Tiger got his ass WHOOP'D!!! This is for entertainment purposes only! LOL

Nike’s tribute to Film Icon Spike Lee (Air Safari)

As part of their ongoing series of releases paying tribute to cultural icon Spike Lee, Nike are set to drop these special Air Safari 87s. Featuring the familiar colour blocking […]

Cool Japanese Barcodes…

You can JUMP HERE to see more cool bar codes!

How Genius!!! A convex piece of plastic makes the Wii Board AWESOME for the skateboarding / snowboarding gamer!!!

If you are a huge fan of skateboarding and snowboarding games, the Friiboard looks like it will bring more realistic movement to the Wii Balance Board. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKMRvl5z_0g Courtesy: Gizmodo

The “Uno Bike”? Cool or Stupid?

This is actually my first time seeing this... Last year the Uno Bike was only a concept, but now it is reality! This Uno Bike starts off like a uni-cylce, […]

Amie Street, better than itunes??? Pretty Cool!

Those of you who are sick of paying .99 cents for a song, yet feel slightly guilty ripping off quality music from struggling and underground artists using illegal downloading programs […]