How Doebotz was born…
  I used to work as a printer for a t-shirt printing company. Day in and day out, eight hours a day, it was the same monotony. I’d grab a shirt, print a shirt, put in the drier. Grab a shirt, print a shirt, put it in the drier. Over and over and over.
  One day while at work, out of pure frustration, I asked myself, “what am I doing with my life? I feel like a robot for this company. Although, very grateful for my employment I felt I should be doing so much more with my life, but I feel stuck.” I’m sitting there pondering, why? Why am I a robot? And it was just like a light bulb coming on. It was so simple. I am a robot because I need that “DOE” to take care of my family, to survive. Just like everybody else, I need that paycheck/DOE every two weeks. And right then I realized I am not a Robot, I am a DoeBot!
Then I started thinking. Okay, I just created a word here. I took DOE, I took roBOT, and put it together, ya know, mashed it up. So what? DoeBot? That doesn’t necessarily sound very inspiring. “I’m a robot, every two weeks I get my paycheck.” That’s not inspiring. But if I created a word, then I can define this word as well. So the word Doebotz & the logo are now a symbol to everybody out there that has that passion inside them, that may not have taken that leap forward to do what they really want to do in their lives. It’s a symbol that says I’m not going to be a robot. It’s a symbol that reminds us that we define our own vision. We choose our own passion. We create our own freedom.
It’s a symbol of our humanity.
In a nutshell, Doebotz is probably YOU!